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journal "Autism"

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AUTISM, journal of autism and developmental disorders

    From the very beginning of the Centre for Autism publishes the journal "Autism", since 1984. under the name "Bulletin". Since 1990. was published under its current name. The importance of being professional journal by the fact that the magazine was running almost parallel with the early work of the Centre. Then it was a source of knowledge and experience of parents and professionals, and brought the technical and scientific content and experiences from the world. Today, contributes to raising education and awareness among professionals and the community at large about the specific needs and support required for people with disorders of the autistic spectrum (PAS). The journal "Autism" publishes scientific papers in educational rehabilitation sciences and other related disciplines, as well as reviews, review essays, articles and activities from the life and work of people with PAS, but also other people with disabilities. Journal of the improved visual and literary works of people with PAS.

    As our goal is to bring to everyone needing support, the magazine is distributed to special institutions, kindergartens and schools and other institutions in Croatia.

    Special thanks the Commercial Activity Agency (AKD), which recognized the importance of publishing activities of the Center for Autism, and we systematically provides financial support in the printing of magazines.


The journal "Autism" is published annually in the edition of 700 copies. Any additional information you may be prompted to or e-mail addresses of members of the Editorial Board.


   Papers should be submitted in electronic form by e-mail address editorial. Papers can be of up to ten pages. Results must be numerated and images, tables, diagrams and graphs should be clearly visible in black and white.

   Title page should include author's full name, title, position and institution in which the author works. Technical papers should follow form so far published in the journal Autism (recognizable introduction, objectives, problems, results, discussion, conclusions, or completion, as well as a list of references, which should contain only the works mentioned in the references, no more than 10).

   The Editorial Board reserves the right to adjust Redactional handwriting style of the Journal and the standards of the Croatian literary language.

   Manuscripts and other materials are not returned.

   Articles that do not satisfy these conditions will not be considered editorial.

   Also, those of the author are not necessarily the views of the Editorial Board. The published papers can not receive any payment.