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therapeutic resort

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Riviera Paklenica - a World Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO, 1978).

"Here, take a deep breath"

Paklenica Riviera is located below the highest Croatian mountain Velebit (2274 km2), and in the extreme northwestern part of the Zadar region. Seline, a village on the edge of Starigrad Paklenica is approximately 42 km from Zadar, and connected to Zagreb 230 km highway and tunnel Saint Rok. This is an exceptional natural and climatic region of Velebit and characterized by collision of the Adriatic, so this area has acquired the status of a protected Nature Park and World Biosphere Reserve.


Favorable climatic conditions in this area marks the intertwining of Mediterranean and harsh mountain climate Therefore, in the year a large number of sunny days and the air is particularly suitable to people with respiratory problems and heart patients The canyons of Velika and Mala Paklenica, with surrounding forests are 1949th was declared a national park.

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  The idea and the need for an organized summer holiday students of the Center for Autism - Zagreb arose early, and the 1989th began construction of a dedicated facility net area of approximately 500 m2 in Seline To 1991. Whatever derived masonry, built-in windows, roof gutters and some installations, but because of the aggression on Croatia and the war situation that remained, and the building was devastated.

  2001th We are on the stimulus and the financial and practical support ASSOCIATION OF ASSISTANCE FOR PEOPLE WITH AUTISM-CROATIA continued intensive work to complete as soon as possible and equip resort. When we have exhausted all, no small means that the Association has provided financial support through the project by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare Lottery and Croatian Ministry of Health and the personal contributions and donations of several parent companies in the material, we are taught, but we are encouraged that the action Include the City of Zagreb, led by the mayor, and in the operating area - City Bureau of culture.

  Period which was between the two most important sources of financial center has successfully bridged the retaining continuity of work, and buying land adjacent to the need for appropriate yard and outdoor facilities. There was buying the best equipment available for this type of facility and its functional purpose of considering the needs of future users Therapeutic resort for children and adults with autistic disorder opened on 30 June 2003 and 10 July of that year was the first user group went on vacation.


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   Therapeutic Facility resorts CZA Seline has 8 rooms to accommodate the user and a companion: 4 triple and 4 quadruple on 2 floors, a total of 28 beds All rooms are air-conditioned, each with its own bathroom, some with balconies. The ground floor is the kitchen, dining room and more toilets.
   Land and garden adapted to user needs places for group stays in the shade or evening gatherings, swings and enriched the plantation. In the basement with bathroom facilities in connection with the facility (storage, laundry), is a multifunctional room that is used as the living room to rest after lunch, as a creative workshop for bad weather, and every evening the dining room as a place of entertainment, dancing and socializing.
   On average each year pass through this building about a hundred users, and 50-odd companion (the average ratio of 2:1, with individual variations), and some of them several times depending on the wishes of parents and financial capabilities. Past few years holiday program co-financed by the City Department of Education of the City
of Zagreb.
   With the holiday program, in the therapeutic resort in Seline implemented a program of the school program for younger and recreation programs and school life for the older age of the user. We plan to implement the project parents vacation with customers with professional assistance. Optimal duration of stay for most users is 10 days, but also adapts to individual users at 7 or 14 days.

  Characteristics of the program are: an individualized approach to customer service and meeting the needs (of personal support in self-care, adjustments to the menu of appropriate recreational developments or transport service to the beach, respect indvidualnih habits until a companion from the circle of regular educators and professors), clearly structured day and predictability of content, constant companion 24 hours in the ratio 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 and functioning of living in a small group, the selection of content according to individual use of the content in the environment and the organization of school swimming Each user group follows the medical personnel of the Center, and competent physicians in phone contact as needed. Local medical service, ambulance service and hospitals in Zadar destinations are available for emergencies. in community is very goodis very good.

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   Excursions in Zadar "Sea Organ" experience and the port, driving experience and tourist boat tour of the Kornati National Park, walking tours out of traffic areas and patisseries in Seline, or along the coast to the center of Stari Grad and favorite cafes, pedestrian routes and safe paths wide base for the National Park Paklenica those with lower fitness and a little hiking excursion ventures to a mill or in the Paklenica, ethno Marasovići home near the National Park or the nearby houses in the hamlet above Selina where they can meet the donkeys, cows and goats, are only part of the regular resorts offer customers Therapeutic Seline.

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   Users Therapeutic resort Seline beneficiaries of the Center for Autism - Zagreb branch of Rijeka and Split. As the Croatian Association for Autism gave a great contribution to the completion of the resort, between the Centre and the Association entered into an agreement that allows other people with autism to use this facility.


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